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Exposition Françoise Taylor - Bolton Evening News, March 1953

EACH MONTH Salford City Art Gallery customarily features a one-man show. This month it happens to be a one-woman show, and a show of special interest to Bolton, for the pictures are of Bolton and its people as seen by Francoise Taylor, who, Belgian by birth, has lived here since her marriage. There have, of course, been earlier opportunities of seeing representative selections of Mrs Taylor's work. Exhibitions have been held in Bolton and have aroused much interest. One of her pictures was recently bought by Manchester City Art Gallery for its permanent collection.

The present exhibition is quite a small one, consisting mainly of watercolours and etchings. Mrs Taylor sees through the grime of industry and back streets to a kind of beauty - a pathetic, sometimes tragic beauty. There is sorrowful nobility, for example, in the eyes of the dog guarding a squalid door. The children who push perambulators or spot trains, the adults who go about their work, or sit at their doorsteps, or trail wanly by the gasworks, are thin and spectre pale and curiously detached from their surroundings. Only the footballers are well fleshed and fully extrovert. Only these match in human strength and drive the mechanical power and impetus of Mrs Taylor's locomotives. A biting comment, whether intended or not.


Related article: Françoise Taylor.

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