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Francoise Taylor - Bolton Evening News, c.1950

"FRANCOISE TAYLOR, of Bolton, with her Gross-like watercolours, makes the one attractive novelty in the show." This is a reference in the "Manchester Guardian" to a child-portrait, "Bimbo", at present on view in the Arts Council Exhibition in the Technical College, Crewe, "Pictures of To-day, by Artists from the North-west".

"Bimbo" has been purchased by Manchester Corporation for the permanent collection in the City Art Gallery, but before the picture reaches its permanent home it will be shown in Carlisle, to which the Arts Council exhibition will be moved next month. Mrs Taylor, who lives at 18, Barrow Bridge Rd., also does book illustration. Her drawings for "Alice in Wonderland" (for which, incidentally, she also designed stage settings when Bolton Little Theatre produced it early this year) have great originality. Recently she illustrated Mr Reginald Turner's book on Oxfordshire.

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Related article: Françoise Taylor.

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