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The Hopeful Travellers - Bolton Evening News, c.1950

THE APPEAL OF "The Hopeful Travellers", the play at Bolton Little Theatre this week, is so much to the eye that perhaps it is the designer who should be regarded as the star of the first magnitude in any successful presentation, and perhaps the staffs of workshop and wardrobe, giving substance to the design, should have priority of acknowledgements over the players. Francoise Taylor's designs of sets and costumes for "The Hopeful Travellers", carried out with the Little Theatre's known degree of fidelity, have been much admired.

There was a special fitness in inviting Mrs Taylor to plan the décor of this play, since its earthly scene is Flanders, near enough to her native Belgium to be at the tip of her brush; even its nether region is not without associations with the Low Countries, and from its celestial plane a bird-of-paradise eye view is taken of Belgium itself, leading to some detailed verbal painting of Antwerp and Bruges.

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