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Bolton scenes in one-woman show - Bolton Evening News, c.1950

TO SEE BOLTON through the eyes of someone who has come to live here comparatively recently is to be made keenly aware of many things we have long ceased to observe with any deliberate scruntiny - to see them, too, in a way that makes the scene strange and recognizable at the same time.

Bolton is the subject of many of the pictures by Francoise Taylor that are now on view at Bolton School (Boys' Division). Their beauty is the beauty of design and colour, seldom that of theme, although there is pathos in the wraith-like figures discerned in the encircling industrial gloom, figures presented sometimes with disregard for the perspective, but with powerful symbolism.

Etchings, dry-points, lithographs and watercolours are included in the display, and, in addition to the Bolton pictures, there are portraits, studies of animals and birds, designs for stage costumes and some notable examples of railway landscape. All of Mrs Taylor's work is highly individual.


Related article: Françoise Taylor.

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