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Unusual Vision of Greece - Bolton Evening News, February 1963

A THREE-WEEKS HOLIDAY in Greece has its productive result in the Tib Lane Gallery, Manchester, where an exhibition of the paintings of the Bolton Artist, Francoise Taylor, can now be seen. Mrs Taylor has added her own vision to the Hellenic scene and has crystallised the fleeting moment in oil paint rather than the water colours with which she is usually associated.

Most of the paintings are of street scenes. There is hardly anyone about in most of the streets, but nevertheless one has the feeling that there is someone just around the corner - and not necessarily someone one would wish to meet.

This may be a personal response, but it is indicative of the imaginative use which Mrs Taylor makes of paint. The distortions of form and unusual relationships of colour produce an atmosphere and a mood which is intriguing and which gives the paintings an interest beyond the sensual pleasure of visual satisfaction.

Nevertheless, the painting which gave me the greatest pleasure was one which hardly had anything to do with Greece at all. This was of two heads conceived in pessimism but executed in a riot of colour. All the pictures have the fresh aspect of colour laid on clean from the palette. This is derived from the watercolour technique, but the result is lively and astringent.


Related article: Françoise Taylor.

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