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Exhibition, Tib Lane Gallery, Manchester - Bolton Evening News, June 1961

AN EXHIBITION of the paintings of Bolton Artist, Francoise Taylor, at the Tib Lane Gallery, Manchester, opened today. As one descends the steps of the gallery one is confronted by 17 pictures in gouache, which betray a restless, nervous energy schooled into an economy which reminds one, faintly perhaps, of the German Expressionist school.

Mrs Taylor's world is a fantastic one. In this exhibition at least, she is preoccupied with the vertical lines of trees, drawn with a scribbly technique out of which a pleasing solidity grows and in spite of the looseness of the drawing, each picture exudes a tension which almost persuades one that something lurks behind each trunk, behind each mass of tortured vegetation.

These are not comfortable pictures to hang on the drawing room wall and forget in a week or two. Though at first sight, they appear decorative, they compel another kind of attention, and the more one looks the more the compulsion grows.

A few still-lifes and one abstract produce the same intensity. The abstract is particularly reminiscent of Münch in its pattern of concentricity and portrays the same brooding menace.

Odd man out in the exhibition is the picture called "Street Musicians" in which an industrial background has been caught with great economy, while the rather pathetic figures in the foreground are subservient to an atmosphere of gloom and decay.

Mrs Taylor, who is Belgian by birth, used to teach art at Antwerp. Her concentration on the development of a highly individual vision allows her to present a view of life which is at once absorbing and significant.

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Related article: Françoise Taylor.

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