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The designs of Francoise Taylor - Daily Dispatch, March 1953

THE DESIGNS of Francoise Taylor are notably among the things which give to Bolton Little Theatre's production of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" its special character. Apart from the very attractive proscenium, however, they are subdued in tone, monochromes in fact and serve as unobtrusive but appropriate backgrounds to the rapidly succeeding scenes. In order to sustain this continuity there has been successful co-operation between Mrs Taylor and the lighting staff in what, for the Little Theatre, is an experiment. The scenes are not set in the ordinary way, but projected on to the cyclorama. This has not been easy either for the artist or projectionist, for the scenes have had to be painted most carefully in miniature on small slides, and the projection to be done at the right angle. To obtain satisfactory focus much skill both in the preparation and in the showing of the slides has been necessary. The gain in time of presentation has justified all this preliminary work.

Financially the success of this production was a foregone conclusion, as all seats were booked up within a few hours of the opening of the plan. Having seen one performance - the first - I felt that no one need regret having bought a pig in a poke. The young animal was lively and seemed likely to keep it up. There could be happier comparisons than this, I know, but at the moment I can't think of anything but pigs bought in pokes. Let pig, for once in a way, be a highly complimentary epiphet.

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Related article: Françoise Taylor.

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