Patrick Taylor

Oil painter (2015 onwards). Previously architect, public sector manager, retailer, web designer, steel fabricator's assistant, cleaner. Not much happening here.

  • North Sea Ferry

  • No. 5

  • Buttermere, Lake District

  • Snowdonia, Wales

  • Edinburgh

  • North Sea sunset

  • Storbælt Bridge, Denmark

Some of my photos on Flickr (more slides)

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Selected article:

Kenneth Taylor's War Diary, D-Day to Nijmegen, 1944

Starting an answer with "So"

So it's not just me who finds it annoying. I like this, from The Spectator:

Interviewee: 'So one of the ways in which we add value for our customers... '
JH: 'Anyway what market share do you now claim?'
Interviewee: 'So in total we have around 40 to 50 per cent market share.'
JH: 'Anyway what vertical sectors do you have the biggest customer base in?'
Interviewee (flustered): 'Well, so we have significant constituencies of, er, customers... '
JH: 'Anyway how many of those are SMEs?'
Interviewee (losing it): 'Er, the, er, approximately, er, 25 per cent... '

"A device used by the speaker to suggest his own superiority to the merely compliant person who when asked a direct question simply supplies the information wanted. The 'so' lets it be known that one does not deign to merely comply to the request for information, submissively, as if the inquirer were in charge of the conversation. No, he is launching out, independently, on his own disquisition on the topic, waving the inquirer away like a bug; or he is continuing his disquisition which the questioner has rather interrupted."

A painting I did in 2017

Party Girls (enlarge on Flickr)

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